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Your ideal clients are looking for newsletters, blog posts, case studies, or white papers. Yep, those time-consuming content marketing pieces you need but haven’t gotten around to writing (or updating) yet.

I get it, and I’m just as guilty at times in neglecting my own marketing efforts while working on client projects. Good intentions are thwarted by legitimate reasons for not creating content.

—You don’t have time to create extra content. You’re busy running a business.

—You’d rather have a root canal than write. Or do anything other than write.

—You’re new to content marketing and don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’re stopped by that queasy feeling you get when you think about self-promotion. (I suffered from this when I launched my first business in 2013.)

The solution? Simply contact me, and we’ll discuss some hype-free, non-queasy ways to help you connect with your ideal clients.